Melting snow exposes hidden mould, majority of Calgarians left sniffling – Dr. Raj – CTV NEWS

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The return of warm conditions has many Calgarians basking, and sneezing, in the sunshine and a local physician says most people are unaware of what’s causing their red eyes and runny noses.
“It’s called snow mould but it grows below the snow,” explained Dr. Sakina Raj. “When it gets warmer and it melts, that’s the time you see two types – white, like grey, mould and pink mould. They both do the same thing. One makes less spores than the other but both will give the same symptoms.”
Raj says an estimated 60 to 70 per cent of the population will react to snow mould and the symptoms are similar to those of a cold. Sufferers will likely experience a runny nose, swelling in the eyes and throat and a possible rash.

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